Reality sucks!

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I can’t seem to wrap my head around work today.  I have so much to do, yet I find myself staring out of the office window or down at my keyboard searching for an escape of some sort.  I am listening to a Celtic CD that I purchased through iTunes and I am blaming it on the gorgeous compilation of notes that whisk me away to that special place in Ireland that I want to be: the rolling green hills.  Medieval fantasy movies have always been my escape from reality and I often find myself dreaming of dirt roads covered by bright green trees that lead to beautiful open fields of flowers with a castle in the distance, calling me home.  I know, I’m a grown woman but the magic that I believe in will not die…reality sucks and it is nice to escape now and then.  Some say it isn’t healthy or it’s childish but let me say this – Since when is worrying about if I can pay bills this month, or am I going to be able to feed my family or reading the news to see who died in the war today, healthy?  I know it’s the world that we live in, but…do I have to?  Thank God for imagination.  I pray that more and more adults can find theirs.

 I recommend this album to anyone who enjoys a relaxing sound or an escape to Ireland (for free)!

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Dragon Age: Origins

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Dragon Age - Morrigan

This game looks so amazing!  The graphics are absolutely breathtaking and although I don’t know very much about the storyline, it’s safe to say that I will be pre-ordering this game anyway.  I love fantasy RPGs!  From the videos that I have seen so far, online or on the XBOX 360, it really could be nominated game of the year…at least by my assumption.  By the way, don’t let this poster fool you – she’s one of the many character choices.  It’s available on November 3rd and you can pre-order!  Check it out at:!

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Dead By Sunrise

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Dead By Sunrise - Band

My new favorite band to promote and love!  If you are a diehard Linkin Park fan, like myself, then no doubt you know and love the infamous Chester Bennington.  He is the genius behind this awesome band.  The members include (of course) frontman Chester Bennington, guitarists Ryan Shuck andAmir Derakh (from Orgy/Julien-K), bassist Brandon Belsky, drummer Elias Anda (also from Julien-K), and keyboardist Anthony Valcic, recorded OUT OF ASHES in Los Angeles with producer Howard Benson (Motorhead, My Chemical Romance).

Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes

To listen to songs from this album please visit:! You will not be disappointed!  You can listen to: Fire, Crawl Back In, Inside Of Me and My Suffering.

I cannot wait for the release of this album.  It will be available for everyone on October 13th!  If you have an iTunes account you can already buy Fire, Crawl Back In and the video for Crawl Back In.  The album is also available for pre-order through iTunes.  If you pre-order you get an automatic download of Fire and Crawl Back In!  Chester has blown my mind through the years and to see this side of him finally show, it’s amazing…he never ceases to amaze me.

Obsess Rate:  10 out of 10!

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Falling in love with a new series…

September 18, 2009 1 comment

I remember the days when I would rush home from school and wait for my weekly dose of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  They were my obsession then and I still love both of the shows just as much today.  Now I rush home from work on Thursdays, get dinner made for my husband and wait patiently for my new obsession:  The Vampire Diaries!  So, it seems like Twilight all over again, but I don’t care…it has its similarities and differences just as anything else does these days.  Move over Edward Cullen…Stefan Salvatore has a place in my heart, right near Angel and Spike… 🙂

Angel, Stefan and Spike


Aren’t they dreamy?  With “Stefan” in the middle…he almost looks like “if Angel and Spike had a baby”… (laughs)

PS: For all of you crazy Twilight fans…don’t worry, I wasn’t putting Edward down… =)  I can’t wait for New Moon!

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I’ve noticed the uprising in blogging.  Well, I want my own place to share my thoughts that no one cares to read about too!  So, today I set will set forth on a journey…there’s no looking back.  I have entered the realm.  I’ve created a place of my own where I can vent, obsess and share.  Stay tuned…

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